New Simple Remote Audio Level Control

Submission by Richard Barman


Libra Systems is a new manufacturer of multiroom audio products.

Our first product is the Libra AL-1 a ‘useful problem solver’ remote level controller that easily integrates to AMX, Crestron, and custom control systems, and costs £149.00 (ex Vat). It can also be easily ‘daisy-chained’ to make a simple single-source multiroom system. We also have a simple wallplate control which incorporates an IR extender back to the AL-1, as well as IR and push-button control of the AL-1.

The AL-1 is a remote stereo audio level controller designed for multi-room systems, and other custom installations. It is a convenient solution for supplying and controlling additional independent audio feeds from a central source to remote areas. Multiple units can be easily combined to form a basic multi-room system, and by using the WP-1 wallplate, users can have complete IR control of not just audio levels, but source equipment, and any other IR controlled devices.

o Remote stereo level control
o Simple one-box solution to a single-source, single-zone stereo system.
o Easy to ‘daisy-chain’ for simple multi-zone systems
o Superior audio and installation than ‘speaker-level’ autoformer controls
o Controlled via: wall-plate, IR remotes; AMX/Crestron type systems; or custom panels

Simple Installation:
The AL-1 easily connects with the source equipment (either directly to a CD, or Tuner for instance, or from the ‘tape out’ on an existing amp), and is completely ‘invisible’ to the main system. The output of the AL-1 then feeds the amplifier and speakers of the remote zone. Multiple units can be easily daisy-chained to provide for additional audio zones.

Independent control:
From the remote zone, you can set a completely independent audio level either using the WP-1 wall plate via CAT5 cabling, custom-made switch-plates, or with an external control system such as AMX or Crestron. The AL-1 is operates without any modification, or effect to the ‘main’ system, providing truly independent audio feeds for remote areas.

Integrated IR control possible:
The WP-1 wall plate has a IR ‘extender’ feature back to the AL-1 unit. Therefore the standard main hi-fi remote control can be taken into the remote room and still operate all the functions of the main system, and ‘Multi-remotes’ can also be easily configured with the WP-1 for complete system control.

Possible Applications:
o extension of an audio system to an extra room, e.g. Kitchen
o extension of an audio system to multiple extra rooms, e.g. Kitchen, Dining room, and Study.
o extension of a existing multi-room audio zone to an extra room, e.g. en-suite bathroom
o ‘custom installation’ applications where remote or automated control of audio level is required

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