New Sky+ 160 Box Offers 80 Hours Storage

From the Digital Spy website… “BSkyB’s new premium product – the ‘Sky+ 160’ – will offer an average of 80 hours storage capacity. It will cost £399 and come with two USB ports for future expansion.

Sky+ 160, so called because of its 160 Gigabit hard disk, is expected to be sold for £399, and is expected to be available from October 2004.

Brian Sullivan, Director of New Product Development and Sales at Sky said today: “Sky+ is transforming the way we watch TV. The next stage of that revolution will be the forthcoming launches of Sky+ 160, and the software upgrade to all Sky+ boxes, providing even more flexibility, choice and control for our growing customer base.

“Feedback from Sky+ owners since it first launched in 2001 has been amazing and we are constantly working to make the product the best TV experience available anywhere. After listening to customers we are delivering this new interactive recording and sorting functionality as well as the option for an average of 80 hours storage space with Sky+ 160. Once again Sky is leading the way in digital TV, putting viewers in control of their TV schedules”.

The Sky+ 160 is a product which has been awaited by many users of our forums since the original launch of Sky+ in 2001. Its use of a 160Gb disk is interesting: the current Sky+ hardware only appears to have a disk capacity limit of 132Gb. And some will feel that the anticipated price point of £399 – £200 more than the standard box might be considered a little steap considering that a base £160Gb IDE disk currently – defined by the manufacturer as perfect for a PVR – seems to be selling on the net for under £80!

The two USB ports could be interesting depending on what support is provided for their use and only time will give us an idea of that.

This probably means that there will be no direct hardware upgrade, although Sky could offer an upgrade path for existing users with the swapping of hardware. We look forward to seeing more on the pricing of this product and more specification details when it becomes available in October.

Keep an eye on the forums for more details and speculation.”


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