New UK Based Network MP3 Player

Just spotted this – “The NR210H forms an integral part of a HiFi system, receiving transmissions from any radio station on the Internet and placing a world of digital audio at the listener’s fingertips.

Many thousands of radio stations worldwide broadcast their programs on the Internet. In contrast to traditional radio, these stations are instantly accessible regardless of location, providing listeners with an unparalleled variety of programme material.

The NR210H is just as easy to use as a conventional radio. By eliminating the need for a PC, it brings listening enjoyment to where it belongs – the living room, rather than the home office.

The NR210H can be used with any broadband connection. It includes wired and wireless network interfaces which allows it to be located anywhere in the home, without cabling, just like a traditional radio.

Using the front panel browser, stations can be selected from a comprehensive list categorised by name, geography, genre and favourites. Simple controls allow stations to be added, removed or bookmarked.

Audio from external sources can be encoded into digital format and stored onto a removable Secure Digital (SD) memory card. Timer based recording is supported and compressed audio data can be transmitted to other NR200 series units within the home”… The RECIVA NR-210H Hi-Fi Internet Radio will not be available to purchase until Q2 2003.

The cost of RECIVA NR-210H Hi-Fi Internet Radio will be £295.00 excluding VAT and carriage.

Reciva Website

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