New Weather Plugin from Cinemar Provides Hour-by-Hour Forecast

Cinemar Weather

Cinemar have been providing home automation and media management solutions since 2002.  They've just announced a new partnership with Intellicast which provides extensive weather data to their plugin for the MainLobby's dashboard.

"Recent changes to reduced the amount of data available to its third party vendors like Cinemar resulting in only five day forecast information instead of ten.  While for some this may not be an issue, others have expressed concern and over the years have grown accustomed to having the ten day forecast at their fingertips.

Cinemar's new strategic alliance with Intellicast resolves this problem. Not only will users receive the ten day forecast, but they'll also gain access to 48 hour by hour weather forecast, weather alerts, ski conditions, current and future pollen conditions and tide conditions. Over 3,000 new data elements are avilable to users. In addition, over a thousand new graphical maps are accessible.


Cinemar Weather


Cinemar CEO Mario Cascio stated, 'Weather is an important part of everyone's day and planning. Having this level of detailed weather information exceeds what most automation systems can offer today.' "


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