New Wondrwall UK Smart Home System Installs by Changing Your Light Switches

Wondrwall Smart Home Kit

Here’s an interesting new Smart Home system that caught our eye. Wondrwall was founded in Manchester in 2013 and is now on sale after several years of R&D.

Wondrwall offers heating, lighting, safety and security and the system replaces your standard light switches with Wondrwall units. Each unit contains 13 different sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, power, motion, luminosity and sound. The system employs mesh networking to connect the light switches to each other rather than using a central hub.

With its on-board microphones and speakers, Amazon Alexa is built into every light switch for voice control around the home. You can playback music right on the switches or for better quality sound the system integrates with Sonos too. Its mic can also pickup the sound of breaking glass in its role as a security alarm.

In addition to these light switches, the Wondrwall system also includes a thermostat, siren and a key fob and can be controlled from the iOS and Android mobile apps

Wondrwall Smart Home Switch

Wondrwall say installing their system In a typical three-bedroom house results in network of over 100 sensors which can…

  • save energy by learning the optimum time to turn the heating on and off based on occupants’ habits and preferences
  • learn what rooms are used to avoid heating empty spaces
  • monitor the owner’s journey home to ensure the heating starts at the optimal time for their arrival
  • automatically turn off lights when the home is empty
  • use motion sensors to detect intruders in a house it knows should be unoccupied
  • use audio sensors to detect intruders by listening for the sound of a window being broken
  • deter burglars by regularly switching lights on and off inside an unoccupied house
  • sound alarms and flash lights throughout the home when smoke or CO2 alarm sounds
  • grant access to Amazon’s Alexa anywhere in the home

Daniel Burton, founder & CEO makes a bold claim that Wondrwall is “the world’s first intelligent home system”…

“What makes Wondrwall unique is that it’s the world’s first intelligent home system. It adapts to the way you live by learning how you use your home and over time independently finds better ways to control it, protect and keep the occupants comfortable and reduce energy consumption. For example, it learns which rooms you spend the most time in – and how you light and heat those rooms – and automatically adjusts the running of your home to make it more efficient and secure. It improves safety by being able to detect and warn owners when intruders are inside their home – and in emergency situations it’s linked to smoke and fire alarms to give owners more warning of danger.”

We asked Wondrwall’s CCO, Mark Lufkin, a few questions.

We noticed that there are currently no approved installers listed in our area?

Any certified domestic installer can do the install. The only difference for ones on our site is they get access to technical support and additional installation material but they do not have special training for us. We list them on the website as they have expressed an interest to work so we know that if customer calls, they will be happy to do the work. We encourage installers to register via if they are interested.

Can users do a DIY install or is it only via approved installers?

In theory yes but we recommend to use an electrician. It is just replacing a light switch but our strong preference is to use qualified tradespeople.

What technology is used here, Z-Wave, Zigbee, Proprietary?

Zigbee. We also have Wifi and Bluetooth in every switch.

You mention Sonos and Alexa, what other systems can Wondrwall integrate with?

Wondrwall supports heating, lighting, security and safety. We built everything in from the start. This guarantees that the system works seamlessly. As mentioned, any Alexa enabled devices can be controlled via Wondrwall though if want to add in other functions.


A Wondrwall starter kit retails at £499 and includes 1 x Light switch, 1 x Thermostat, 1 x Siren and 2 x Fobs. Extra switches can be purchased for £119 each and Wondrwall say the cost for a typical three-bedroom house fully kitted out is around £1,300. The system can be installed by a qualified electrician, either for retrofit or in a new build. Your existing light switches must have a neutral line in place though, which is uncommon in many UK homes.

Wondrwall Smart Home Options

Wondrwall is available to buy now from

5 Comments on "New Wondrwall UK Smart Home System Installs by Changing Your Light Switches"

  1. DubiousSub scriptions | October 8, 2018 at 6:28 pm |

    “Your existing light switches must have a neutral line in place though, which is uncommon in many UK homes” – so pretty useless unless you pay for a large electric refit in most UK homes.

  2. Philip Durose | October 8, 2018 at 7:33 pm |

    Exactly what I was thinking, nothing new here unless you have a new build.

  3. Should be ok for any house built in the last 10 years.

  4. I got excited when I saw “UK Smart Home” exactly because I assumed that meant it wouldn’t need a neutral. But it’s just another ecosystem with exactly the same features as all the other ones. Pointless.

  5. Is there any sight on this being upgraded to support Google home like some others are? I love the look of these and the functionality involved but am a Google through and through.

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