New Z-Wave Smoke Detector and Siren

Z-Wave Siren and Smoke Detector

Like torturing yourself with more Z-Wave goodies you can’t buy in the UK?  Here’s two interesting new products equipped with the wireless system…

“Copenhagen – Everspring Industry Co. Ltd, a Taiwanese company, has extended its product portfolio with an array of new home control solutions based on the wireless Z-Wave standard. These include dimmer and on/off switches as well as smoke detectors and alarm sirens, which are now to be marketed in Europe. This will allow house and flat owners to increase the safety and security of their homes remotely as well as being able to actively monitor their energy consumption. The products complement the existing comprehensive range of Everspring Z-Wave devices, such as wireless door and window sensors as well as doorbells and motion detectors.

Everspring is the first Asian manufacturer of Z-Wave products to launch its appliances in the European market. With its AD131, the company provides a dimmer system that allows all the lights in a home to be easily controlled; the intensity of light in, for example, a living room, office or child’s bedroom can be smoothly regulated or turned on or off. Due to its interoperability with all Z-Wave products, the dimmer system can also be operated remotely by wireless devices manufactured by other alliance partners and can be integrated in networks with other home control products.

The AN 148 series has on/off plug modules that allows electronic and entertainment devices to easily be switched on or off remotely or directly at the module. This means that energy consumption can also be actively reduced. By simply pressing one button all the devices connected through the plug-in module can be tuned completely off or placed  in stand-by mode. This control is available regardless of where the person is in the house or flat so there are almost no bounds to the areas where the technology can be applied.

Networked safety with wireless smoke detectors – Smoke detectors equipped with Z-Wave technology can make a valuable and sustainable contribution to domestic safety. The devices operate via a wireless network, which means that if one detector is activated the alarm is triggered on all the others as well. This is particularly important when areas being monitored are some distance from each other. The integral low battery notification also informs the user when power levels are too low.

Z-Wave interoperability can also increase security in homes, as it enables a whole range of alarm processes to be triggered in the event of a threat (lights can be turned on, doors and windows can be locked and security services or the police can be notified). For example, Everspring magnetic window/door sensors or battery-driven motion detectors can be used in combination with the new Z-Wave based SE812 indoor siren to create a comprehensive networked system that allows residents to leave their homes confident they are secure.”   :   All Stories Tagged ‘Z-Wave’

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  1. Why ‘tortring yourself with goodies you can’t buy in the UK’?? Like it or not, geographically, UK *is* a part of Europe!

    See no reason the smoke detectors could not be purchased in the UK.

  2. Where can we purchase these in the UK then?

  3. Anywhere to purchase these smoke detectors in the U.S.?

  4. So is there nothing Z-Wave we can buy in the UK? 🙁

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