Nokia Launch N810 Internet Tablet – N800 now £149!

Nokia N810

Nokia have launched their new N810 Internet Tablet (and the N800 is available discount to £149 Here). The N810 adds a built in GPS, Navigation software, and a sliding keyboard.  With lots of lovely smart home applications for this hand held web tablet, the N810 is sure to be a big hit.

Here’s an initial summary of the main hardware specs in comparison to the N800. If anything is not mentioned, you can assume it’s similar to the N800.

  • Same screen, same resolution, but brightness improved by 20%
  • Smaller (128mm x 72mm x 14mm vs. the N800’s 144mm x 75mm x 13mm)
  • Slightly heavier (226g vs. 206g)
  • Same processor, but now 400MHz compared to 330MHz
  • Same battery
  • microUSB socket for data connection (but not charging)
  • The USB socket is also an OTG A/B socket – ie it supports USB Host
  • RAM remains at 128Mb, despite at least one misleading website blog stating otherwise
  • 2Gb of internal storage (including the built in maps)
  • Only 1 memory card slot, now miniSD (support upto 8Gb) although supports microSD, whereas the N800 was SD and also supported miniSD and microSD
  • Fixed camera built in to the front, instead of the rotating camera of the N800
  • Support for Bluetooth Headsets
  • Built in GPS, with some emphasis on “context sensitive web” via Ovi
  • Built in keyboard
  • New OS (2008), which will soon be available for the N800. This includes a new browser, better Flash support, better multimedia support (more codecs), video calling (with Gizmo, not Skype) [Via:]

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