One For All Director URC-9900 Remote

The Remote Central review of the new One For All Director URC-9900 is the usual, thorough, in-depth test you have come to expect from them!  

"It's here! Our new review of the One For All Director URC-9900 remote control is now online. The Director is a 15-device touchscreen LCD display remote control that features electroluminescent screen backlighting, a huge preprogrammed code database, full infrared learning on all buttons, 21 macros which can be placed on any key, custom button labels, Home Theater mode, plus a lot more. You're probably already familiar with the One For All brand name – their Cinema 6, Cinema 7 and Producer 8 remote controls have proved extremely popular. But how does the 9 Director fare in a rapidly filling niche market segment? You'll have to read our photo-packed review to find out!"

Remote Central

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