Opus Launch FP500GSS Stainless Steel Flush Faceplate

“Opus Technologies, the world’s most progressive manufacturer of multi-room entertainment systems and structured wiring solutions, today announced the launch of the FP500GSS, a stainless steel wall mounted control panel face plate and back box kit which allows the WCU500 keypad to be flush-mounted.

The FP500GSS offers a stylish alternative to the standard WCU500 faceplates as it provides a more streamlined finish and superior integration of the Opus 500 series multi-room entertainment system into the home.

James Johnson-Flint, CEO, Opus Technologies commented, “the FP500GSS is another way that Opus offers visionary style to meet consumer desires whilst delivering easy to install solutions for the dealer. The FP500GSS increases the range of options available to our dealers and extends the appeal of the Opus 500 Series to their customers… The FP500GSS has been specifically designed for the requirements of the European multi-room market and features dimensions of 145mm x 125mm x 54mm.

The FP500GSS features a specially designed circular back box with magnetic strips that the faceplate attaches to. This design means that whilst the faceplate is flush mounted on the wall, the WCU500 keypad electronics can be accessed quickly and easily if required. Wiring is delivered to the Keypad via 4 holes in the back box which are provided seated with removable grommets.

The FP500GSS has a RRP of £99 excluding VAT and is available now. For more information please call 0845 090 2266 in the UK, +44 207 940 2205 internationally or visit our website.”


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