PassivEnergy App Controls Your Heating From Your Phone

PassivEnergy iPhone app

Colin Calder, CEO of PassivSystems has this morning announced their new Home Heating systems control iPhone app.  In conjunction with the PassivEnergy home energy management system the app allows full control of your heating from your iPhone including the ability to remotely check temperatures and override schedules.  Aimed at energy saving as well as convenience the app is free and available now from the iTunes store.  Read on for the full PR.

Smart home firm PassivSystems has today announced the availability of its PassivEnergy iPhone app, effectively a remote control for household heating. The PassivEnergy app allows consumers to manage their heating from any location, with the easy-to-use functionality that PassivEnergy customers are used to.

With 29 per cent of UK carbon emissions coming from the home and 60 per cent of the energy that people use in the home coming from heating, the need for more effective management of energy is obvious.

“The PassivEnergy app is all about making home energy management easier,” said Colin Calder, CEO, PassivSystems. “The ability to turn the heating up from the bus ready for when you get home, or to turn it off if you forget when you are on holiday, means the days of wasted household energy could soon be at an end.”

The PassivEnergy home energy management system was launched in May this year, and could reduce household energy consumption by up to 18 per cent. It provides consumers with complete control over their heating and hot water consumption by optimising a home’s energy use, learning when it needs to use energy and when it needs to save it.

The PassivEnergy iPhone app makes managing your household energy easier still by allowing users to:

  • Remotely check and change the temperature in their home
  • Turn the heating on or off
  • Override all heating settings
  • Check, set and change their holiday settings
  • Lower energy bills and reduce carbon footprint

“No one lives their life to a rigid schedule and an incredible amount of energy is wasted simply because our lives don’t run to routine,” continued Colin Calder, PassivSystems. “This app gives people the flexibility to manage their energy in a way that suits them, allowing them to save money on bills without the hassle of constantly fiddling and adjusting with their heating controls.”

PassivEnergy works by talking wirelessly to sensors and controls installed around the home and is managed using the wireless touch-screen PassivController which replaces existing boiler and heating controls. It differs from smart meter solutions by actually managing your household energy for you, rather than merely providing information on it.

“People are increasingly aware of the need to manage their energy more efficiently,” concluded Colin Calder, CEO, PassivSystems. “But just because people have information about their energy consumption does not mean that they have the time to act on it. The PassivEnergy iPhone app is a real game changer, as it’s effectively a remote control for your house and makes it easy for consumers to control and manage their heating from anywhere.”

The PassivEnergy iPhone app is free of charge to PassivEnergy™ customers and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes app store.

Free PassivEnergy App   :

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3 Comments on "PassivEnergy App Controls Your Heating From Your Phone"

  1. Product looks good but unless you’ve won the lottery you won’t be installing it anytime soon at £750 installed! :). They dont offer a self-install product only via the installer route, believe you cant choose not to have the controller too if you have an iphone hence the hardware cost of 300+vat and then rest is install costs.

  2. Simon Hird | March 14, 2012 at 4:35 pm |

    I have just been quoted £2000 under the brand name HELMS. Really not sure what they are playing at.

  3. Peter Nahum | April 1, 2012 at 9:54 pm |

    I too, nearly two months after my enquiry, have been rung by Helms, and was told it would cost £2,000 and it smelt like a heavy sell – not was it says on the publicity packet

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