PC Motherboard Smaller than a CD Jewel Case

Damn that’s small! There’s no excuse not have a PC anywhere you need it now with the latest minuscule “Pico” ITX form factor.

“Chip-maker Via Technologies has revealed details about its “pico-ITX” hardware reference design, and promised to announce its first commercially available mainboard based on the new form-factor “soon.” Slightly smaller than the venerable PC/104 standard, pico-ITX represents “the smallest complete x86 mainboard in the industry,” Via said.

Via’s first pico-ITX reference design is dubbed the “VT6047.” The design appear to be available now to board vendors and device hardware designers interested in basing products on the pico-ITX form-factor. The design is “optimized for mainstream Internet applications” priced from $300 to $500, including productivity, education, storage, and entertainment devices, Via said.”

Via: linuxfordevices.com

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