Philips SBC LI800 RF Extender

Submission by Jason Starkie

Just bought a couple of these units for my parents and sister (all were talked into buying a Tivo). The two units are identical except for a Jack on the rear of one (for the IR emitters)

They are very compact and because the IR transmitter uses stick on emitters it could easily be placed out of sight. Each one has a green led for power and a red led for activity which is very handy for fault finding should you have any.

I did have a similar one for all unit but found it interfered with the TV picture quality if placed close and needed to in front of the equipment it was controlling.

I ordered them from Lets Automate and were delivered next day can’t fault that can you !

Cost at time of writing £ 29.95 inc vat + P&P

Available from Lets Automate.

Any questions feel free to e-mail me.

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