Philips WiFi Alarm Clock Radio

Wifi alarm clock radios, whatever next…”Philips just announced this new wireless WAK3000 alarm clock as an extension to their Streamium range of connected home media devices.

So as the name implies, you can stream your tunes over WiFi to this bedside pup from your WACS700 (which also got a drive bump to 80GB) Music Center or via internal storage just in case your home network is down or turned off for the night. We presume (it isn’t stated) that the device will accept streams from any device supporting UPnP (such as your PC or SoundBridge) since that’s the tech at the heart of both the Streamium lineup and Philips’ home connectivity strategy. But we’ll just have to wait for the details before getting too far ahead of ourselves on this.

Source: EnGadget   :

Update 11/11/06 – It appears the model number for this device is now WAK3300

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