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Plex Media Server - Linux Version

Here’s the news a lot of geeks have been waiting for.  Plex have just released a Linux version of their Plex Media Server software (PMS) .

The initial version is the first product to come from the newly launched ‘Plex Labs’ and means that servers are now available for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux.  Perhaps best of all, the new Linux release supports some network attached storage devices.  A Plex setup could now be as simple as one of the new LG HD TVs with Plex ‘Media Link’ built in plus a NAS.

The wide range of Plex clients now includes a Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, an LG Smart TV and the Roku.

A truly diverse and expanding choice that brings the Plex experience to more and more new converts every day.

…with sexy Linux-based storage devices on the market like the ReadyNAS… A device like this (or an unRAID for the DIY-ers, and damn it, why did I have to go read about unRAID and end up falling in love with this case?) running the Plex Media Server, combined with a rich assortment of clients (a Mac Mini, an iPad, an iPhone, an Android tablet, an LG Smart TV for the guest room, and a Roku Streaming Player for the kids’ room?), makes for an amazingly flexible, unified, and powerful media solution

The first release of the Linux server supports Ubuntu, Slackware (unRAID) and Intel powered ReadyNAS devices…

We’re targeting three Linux flavors with this initial version: Ubuntu 10.01, Slackware 13.1 (unRAID), and ReadyNAS (Intel CPUs). Because of the way we’ve built with minimal external dependencies, it’s quite likely that these will run on a wider range of systems (say, Ubuntu 11.x).

Read the full release at the link below and join in the community on the Plex Forums.

Plex on Linux Blog Post

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