Plex Apps Store Brings Hulu Plugin and More

Plex Apps Store

The Plex team have just published another milestone release. The new Media Server connects to the new Plex Apps store, a way to install plugins that allow you to connect to online video streaming services.  Launching with around 20 "apps" for services like Hulu, YouTube, MTV and Revision3, there are lots more in the pipeline plus a simple architecture for users to create their own too.  Watch the video after the jump.

"This release, one innocent little point difference from the last, has the biggest new Plex feature ever. I’m not just gushing hyperbole here when I say you will never use Plex the same way again.  I’d like to introduce you to the new Plex Media Server…..So what’s so special about the new Plex Media Server? Well, it connects with the brand new Plex App Store (built by Jon Maddox, the latest talented developer to join our group). The Plex App Store serves plug-ins which are downloaded by the Plex Media Server, and provide a huge amount of online content to Plex.

What content and which sites? Great question. Let’s just say that you won’t be disappointed by the 20 plug-ins that are currently available from the App Store (most of them written by Scott, and the rest by Isaac, James, and myself), and you’ll also be amazed by some of the ones we’re working on behind the scenes." : Plex Blog Announcement


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