Plex Seven Brings Media Player Nirvana


Plex, the media player / library manager for the Mac just hit another major milestone with the release of v0.7.0.  The whole community has been working hard on the latest release and as part of the testing team Automated Home can report with some authority that this thing rocks!

Undoubtedly the biggest new feature in this release is the addition of “Media Server” allowing you to play back all your DRM’d iTunes music plus a whole host of other features like great audio and video podcast support.

“The Plex Media Server is a standalone program that runs alongside Plex and serves up media from your iLife applications (iTunes and iPhoto today, Aperture and Lightroom shortly). Plex communicates with the Plex Media Server on the local machine, on your local network, or even across the world over the Internet. This means that you can play your friends’ iTunes playlists or browse their podcasts or photo albums.”

Another of our favorite additions is the new theme music feature. When you go into, lets say Battlestar Galactica to browse your TV episodes, you’ll get the theme music from the show playing in the background.  This subtle upgrade again adds to the incredibly professional looks and feel of this stunning free application.


 Plex iTunes Podcast Support

There are many other new features and fixes in v0.7.0 and the official press release will be coming tomorrow, but we wanted you to be able to try it today.  Grab Plex 0.7.0 from the link below and check Elan’s blog for the comprehensive list of features and fixes too.

Elans Blog Release Notes v0.7.0

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