Plogg – Appliance Energy Metering and Control


Plogg is a plug that’s an energy meter, logger and switch that can talk to your PC, PDA or Smart Phone.  Available in ZigBee and Bluetooth versions, Plogg can communicate wirelessly with a range of devices while monitoring, reporting and being switching On and Off remotely.

“plogg® is a combined smart meter plug (kWh) and data logger, especially suited for metering, monitoring and control at the point of use – the appliance level. plogg® comes in two wireless formats, either Bluetooth® or Zigbee, each offering benefits for the particular purpose intended.

plogg® can be supplied as either a stand-alone end user device, or an integrated energy reporting network or as an embedded device for incorporation into OEM products. As a plug-in device, a number of international plug formats are available including Schuko, French, Swiss and Australian.


The plogg® system offers:

  • wireless energy management at the appliance level
  • short payback < 1 year
  • increased awareness of energy waste
  • integration with Building Management systems
  • enables appliance performance comparisons
  • ZigBee network support
  • PC & PDA reporting platforms
  • remote switching ON/OFF”

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