Plug&Play GSM Access Control

GSM Access Control

Here’s a great little device that promises a 10 minute plug & play DIY installation to your existing access control system.  You can authorise up to 2,000 users and restrict them by day, date and time.

The system also holds a log of access details and you can use your own SIM card or buy a low cost plan with the unit.  Use it to replace your existing keyfobs or even as a backup to them, it’s available now for £195+vat.

“M-PRES™ Plug&Play GSM Access Control System.  Access by free call for up to 2000 authorised Users.  Includes time, day, date or number access restrictions & detailed 1000 event access log.  It’s just like any remote key fob entry system. The only difference is there are NO keyfobs! mobile phone & free call access. No ongoing costs & simple User management..

It takes about 10 minutes to fit so it couldn’t be easier to set up instant mobile phone access control without ongoing costs. Add it to any existing access system to eliminate your ongoing key fob replacement costs & hassles.  Even add it as a simple, low cost back up for when Users lose their key fob.”


  • Up to 2000 Users
  • Instant User Programming
  • Restricted User access
  • 1000 Access Event Log
  • Remote Programming
  • Plug & Play installation
  • Remote System Configuration
  • DIN rail & screw tab mount
  • FREE SIM Card included
  • Works on any SIM Card
  • 24 Month Warranty
GSM Access Control


  • Back up other access systems
  • Add & delete Users in seconds
  • No ongoing key fob costs
  • Moniter Users with the Log
  • Add & delete Users from anywhere
  • 10 minute DIY installation
  • Remote management by SMS & PC
  • Easy to fit into existing controls
  • Easy to manage Visitor access
  • Free call access – No call charges!
  • Easy to manage Visitor access

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2 Comments on "Plug&Play GSM Access Control"

  1. Looks like the price on the ‘M-PRESâ„¢ Plug&Play GSM Access Control System’ has been upped to 249 POUNDS+VAT.

    The ‘GSM-Modul GX106’ cost only 155 POUNDS VAT included. It is limited to 12 users instead of the 2000 but that should be more than enough for most households. The GX106 does the same (call module from a cellphone known by the module and it opens the door etc) but it also has some additional features with SMS and fax.

    The multi-lingual manual can be found here:

    It’s sold at for 199 EUROS (+/-157 POUNDS)


  2. dennis pearson | September 15, 2008 at 9:11 pm |


    this unit is also sold by for only £175.00 + vat
    They also sell UK made GSM intercoms for as little as £299.00 +vat.

    worth a look !

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