Polaron – New Standalone 4 Channel Dimmer

A standalone lighting control unit has been launched by Polaron Controls. The Lightlink Modulo4 consists of a four-channel dimmer with control plate and a programmable infrared remote controller. Designed for out-of-the-box installation for a single room, it offers a simple means of providing intelligent lighting control for home cinemas, living rooms, kitchens etc.
The dimmer employs the latest transistor technology, making it suitable for controlling trailing edge loads such as low voltage electronics transformers and mains voltage incandescent lamps. Each Modulo4 pack includes two de luxe control plate fascias in high quality satin anodised aluminium and polished brass finishes. Other finishes including brushed stainless steel are available on request… .

“The Modulo4 makes it easy to provide a room with sophisticated lighting controls without having to be part of a larger system,” said Joe Stelzer, chief executive of Polaron plc.

Rated at 20 Amps in total, the four channels enable various lighting combinations to be pre-set to produce the desired ambience at the touch of a button on the control plate or remote controller.

The UK designed units can also be used by system integrators as part of a larger system. They are available for the home install market through distributors Marata Vision of Watford.
Polaron Controls Ltd

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