Prismiq MediaPlayer

Submission by Nick Adams

So you’ve got a PC *filled* with digital entertainment media- hours of MP3s, PVR recordings of your favorite TV shows, digital pictures, home movies… How else were you going to fill up that 80GB hard drive?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could watch those videos on your 32″ TV, instead of on your 17″ monitor? Wouldn’t your MP3s sound better played through your home stereo? The PRISMIQ MediaPlayer makes it easy to enjoy those files to their fullest, by bringing them to your home A/V system through your home network, wired or wireless! PRISMIQ transports the world of Internet and computer entertainment to where you need it when you want it.,, The MediaPlayer is a snap to setup, and easy to use. With its remote control you have complete access to digital media files stored on your PC. The PRISMIQ MediaManager software discovers and catalogues your media files and feeds the PC-based content to the set-top MediaPlayer for playback/display on your entertainment center or television.

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