Pronto TSU9600 Wall Docking Station

Philips Pronto TSU9600 Wall Dock

AV Custom Design company Polar Bear Solutions has announced a new in-wall docking station for the Philips Pronto TSU9600.

As well as holding/charging the remote the dock also has four hard buttons of its own which are available even if the Pronto is not docked.  These can be interfaced to a 3rd party lighting system for scene control for example.  The dock is currently in the final stages of testing and should be available by September ’08….

PB-PWD9600 Wall Dock – Polar Bear Solutions release the long awaited wall docking station for the Philips TSU9600 touch screen panel. In conjunction with Philips and Custom installers, the product has been developed to address increasing opertunities for installing the versitile Philips TSU9600 control panel.

The PB-PWD9600 wall docking station is a flush mount in-wall dock that allows the Philips TSU9600 control panel to be stored in wall, typically at the entrance of a room.  This essentially extends the installation oppertunities for the TSU9600 and allows the product to compete with other significantly more expensive solutions….”

Design / Features

  • Four integrated buttons for Lighting control, Screen and other i/o device intergration
  • Smooth eject mechanism to present the TSU9600 to the user
  • Included button blanking strip for when the control buttons are not required
  • Included back box
  • TSU9600 charged while docked (from a optional remote 12v DC PSU)
  • Dock available in silver to match the TSU9600. Optional colours will be considered for later release
  • Simple 1st fix termination and test back box [Via:]

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