Qubino – The Smallest Z-Wave Modules in the World

Qubino Z-Wave modules are a new edition to the home automation scene from Slovenia.

Qubino claim the modules are “the smallest Z-wave microcontrollers in the world” and offer a range of units including Dimmers and Relays for controlling lights, shutters and other electrical devices around your home.

The units include support for connecting a digital temperature sensor and the dimming module is claimed to be the first Z-Wave Micro Module to employ MOSFET switching.

It supports control of low voltage halogen bulbs with electronic transformers and dimmable compact fluorescent lights plus incandescent lights, halogen lamps operated by 230 VAC (High Voltage Halogen), dimmable fluorescent lights and dimmable LEDs.

The modules use less than 0.7W themselves and also measure the power consumption of the device they are attached to.

Qubino The Smallest Z-Wave Modules in the World

The range of Qubino Z-Wave modules are available now from around £50. Check out the installation video below.

qubino.com  :  Available from Amazon

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  1. Johannes Jensson | January 3, 2015 at 8:40 pm |

    Great innovative Z-wave kit. Looks like a good technically solution for tight spaces.

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