RaspLogic Home Automation Software for the Raspberry Pi

Ah the Raspberry Pi and Home Automation, a match made in heaven.  Now a new software project “RaspLogic” aims to provide a smart home controller offering a simple interface to build powerful macros.

The project – RaspLogic is a software that want to make a simple, user friendly and cheap way to control things in every building.  Building automation is our main focus, but any RaspLogic can be used for any kind of automation.  To do so our idea was to use a 35 USD RaspBerry PI to connect to the world using ethernet connection and add all the protocols and devices needed to reach the goal.

The system is made to let others to make plugins and add functionalities that can be shared.Every object can generate events that flows in the projects and make other objects take decisions to do something. Using this way we can save energy, automate task, get informed of something happens using SMS , email or tweet the event. We can also save logs of events or send them to a google docs spreadsheet.

A company producing a new net connected device can make the plugin to use them directly and share it, expose events or let other events to control it.  Feel free to contact me for any request you may have at [email protected] .

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  1. Very interested in this…

    What are the advantages in Rasplogic over using the PiFace interface (which comes with a driver for Scratch)?


  2. Hi, RaspLogic is a software to let people skilled or not skilled on programming to add logic to homes, now it’s in development but the idea is that you can make your own plugin if you are able or use plugin made by others to control the things.
    PiFace is only the output or input of the logic.
    For example if you want to control the temperature of a room you need a temperature sensor and something that start/stop the heating system, this task can be achieved with PiFace but how the temperature is controlled is a software that can be by yourself or you can use with drag & drop directly with PID control and with autolearning feature.
    Also you can control some lamps that can be connected using DALI protocol based of the PiFace inputs.

  3. Hi
    It will be possible to use tcp or udp to communicate with other devices like iTach from Global Cache ? can i create and monitor the state of a device ? For exemple, when i power on the tv using my ipad (iViewer app from CommandFusion), i want to send a command for the raspberry pi, so i will always know if the TV is power on or power off (requesting the state of a device)
    Will be possible to create tasks that will run in a specific time ?. Thanks.

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