Red Eye – Infra-red Tanslator

Just received this from  – “we’re pleased to announce we have a deal with the manufacturer of Red Eye to exclusively sell their product.

The Red Eye is an infra-red translator, allowing a RC6 compatible pre-programmed remotes, or Philips Prontos to control the Pace 1000, and 2000 series IrDA digital cable boxes.

Until now it had been impossible to use third party remote controls with these cable boxes (there is one make that will work, but the range is very limited). The Red-Eye sticks to the front of the cable box’s infra-red receive window, and is powered by a socket on the back of the box. It receive’s RC6 infra-red codes, translates them to IrDA and then sends the IrDA signal to the cable box…. Using the Red Eye allows you to additionally use standard video and infra-red senders, allowing control of the cable box from another room.

Buy On-Line From Lets Automate   :   Red Remote Home Page

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