Remotec ZRC-90 is Removable Wall Mount Z-Wave Scene Controller

The ZRC-90 from Remotec is a new Z-Wave Scene Controller.

Its 8 buttons can be used to trigger actions and scenes in your central Z-Wave controller.

The unit comes with a wall mount bracket and its battery power means it can be sited almost anywhere around your home (2 x AAA batteries give ~ 1 year life at 30 button press per day).

Battery power also means the unit can be easily removed from the wall and used as a remote control.

The neat unit (110mm x 70mm x 13.5 mm) is Z-Wave Plus certified and there’s already support for it on SmartThings via this community project on GitHub.

When one of the buttons on the ZRC-90 is pushed, your Z-Wave central controller will receive a signal which it can use to trigger unlimited control possibilities. With 8 buttons, each supporting a long-press capability, you can control 16 different actions in your central controller. The ZRC-90 is a great solution for triggering events more quickly than taking out your smart-phone and running a home control app.

The ZRC-90 Scene Master is already available in some regions and should be available on all Z-Wave frequencies according to the user manual. Meanwhile we’ve reached out to Remotec for a UK date and RRP and will update this post with the info [Update – around £50].

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3 Comments on "Remotec ZRC-90 is Removable Wall Mount Z-Wave Scene Controller"

  1. I could do with something like this, there isn’t enough choice in the UK for scene controllers. I hope it’s available soon.

  2. Why does it look like it’s designed by Fisher Price?!

    I’ve ended up using LightwaveRF Mood switches interfaced to Indigo via an RfxCom, controlling Philips Hue lights around the house. Not the simplest setup, but much more elegant.

  3. Shipping now from Vesternet. £42.
    Usefully the remote is supplied with a set of printed labels with common function names to apply to the buttons.

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