Reserve 1 of the First New Vera 3 Z-Wave Home Automation Controllers

Vera 3

The Vera 2 Z-Wave home automation controller is being superseded by two new models over the coming months.  A new Vera ‘Lite’ will be a cut down version without Wi-Fi, and is expected in a month or two.

But before that the more powerful full Vera 3 unit is launching first which includes a new version 5 of the MiOS user interface.

We have news from the guys at Vesternet on how you can reserve yourself one of the first few units into the UK.

“With a faster processor, more memory for downloading apps and upgraded Wi-Fi, Vera3 is more powerful than ever. Heavy users with multiple device types and plugins will find Vera3 is up to the challenge. You can add hundreds of devices to your Vera network and even add multiple Veras to your home or small business.  You have unlimited options for scenes, rooms, timers, events and notifications.

“We have a very, very limited amount of the EU version Vera 3 coming into us soon.  It should be before Christmas, but not 100% certain.  So we’re operating a process where we don’t take payment, but Automated Home readers can register their interest on our site, then when stock arrives, they’ll be directed to a page where they can order one of the first units available in Europe.

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