Ricavision VAVE100 Smart Home Remote

Ricavision VAVE100

The Ricavision VAVE100 is a new $300 Windows Media centre remote that’s due in early 2008.  Of particular interest to home automators will be the Vista SideShow “Gadget” capability of this remote, potentially allowing Smart Home information to be fed back to the device and appear in your hand.

With a 2.4″ QVGA screen this is a backlit remote too and features bluetooth.

“The VAVE100 Windows® SideShow Vista Universal Remote Control provides direct access and complete control of home entertainment devices, the Windows® Vista Media Center and the Windows® SideShow.  VAVE100 has a 2.4 inch color QVGA LCD display, features Class 1 SPP/A2DP Bluetooth and is upgradable through the built-in mini USB. VAVE100 comes with a docking station that features a RC6 receiver, a Bluetooth transceiver and a power charger……Gadgets are the new “ringtones” of the future. The power of SideShow lies in Gadgets, the software. Gadgets provide a host of information vehicles that will work with the VAVE100. Windows® SideShow accesses gadgets from your Windows® Vista PC and then plays them on the VAVE100 while you sit in the comfort of your own home or office. Ricavision provides you with a myriad of gadgets giving you access to information for your life.”

www.ricavision.com   [Via: www.engadget.com]

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