RoboCam 8 Wireless IP CCTV Camera

Here's a new pan/tilt IP CCTV Camera. Available in both wired and wireless form for around £140 and £175 respectively…

"With the IP RoboCam8, the latest IP camera from Marmitek, you will never have to miss an important occasion ever again. Any event that you cannot personally attend can be watched on the Internet, wherever you are in the world. It is fantastic for special occasions and has a large number of practical security uses as well..

What is the IP RoboCam8?
The IP RoboCam8 is a colour, pan & tilt security camera with a built-in web server that has its own IP (Internet Protocol) address. The camera connects directly to your network or router/hub, which means you do not need a local PC to operate it.

Fun or professional?
The IP RoboCam8 is ideal for remotely following events that you would otherwise have to miss, for example, your cousin's wedding in New Zealand, or your son's first birthday while you are on a business trip. The IP RoboCam8 is also very suitable for security purposes. Your shop, company building or waiting room can be secured perfectly with this camera. You can look at the footage wherever and whenever you like. The supplied IP View Pro software also contains a movement sensor and can be configured to send you an e-mail automatically every time motion is registered. The sensor's detection field is easy to set. You can also periodically receive e-mails with footage at personally chosen intervals.

Pan & Tilt
The Pan & Tilt function makes it possible to operate the camera movement remotely so that you can look round the room where the IP RoboCam8 has been set up. You can also remotely adjust the resolution and digital zoom so that you will not miss anything at all!

64 users
The footage can be viewed by 64 people simultaneously. In addition, each user can be assigned their own access rights. Access to the video material is secured with personal passwords.


Technical details
A wireless model (WLAN 802.11g) and a wired model (LAN) of the IP RoboCam8 are available. The supplied IP View Pro software records the pictures on the internal hard drive and sends them by e-mail. You can look at the pictures from a maximum of 16 cameras at the same time on screen.

The IP RoboCam8 wired model costs € 199 including VAT and the wireless model costs € 249 including VAT.

Read all about the IP RoboCam8 and other security cameras at ".


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