RTI Launch XP-8 Controller


Amongst the Touch Panels and Waterproof remotes launched at ISE recently, were two new releases from RTI. – “XP-8 Controller. The XP8 is a new Control Processor with more power and I/O ports than any previous RTI Controller.

Fast MPU, real time/multitasking operating system and expandability makes the XP-8 the perfect solution for large scale and complex projects. RTI are now firmly in the business of providing remote control solutions for commercial projects. With their range of competitively priced hand held and in-wall Touch Screens, RTI are a very competitive alternative to other established control systems for conference rooms and other corporate projects…

Integration Designer software. The award winning TheatreTouch design and system programming software has been renamed ‘Integration Designer 6.0’ and upgraded to add the new panels and most importantly the set up of the new XP-8 controller. This move backs up RTI’s commitment to develop not just Home Cinema Handsets and Controllers, and become a serious player in the large scale residential and commercial automation business.

Major features now included in the Integration Designer 6.0 Software:

  • RS-232 Library & Library Manager
  • Updated IR Library
  • Event Scheduler
  • Security to prevent unauthorized uploads from devices
  • Four new templates containing approximately 4,000 new colour graphics
  • Preview and email design files
  • Improved system macro editor

Integration Designer is a powerful, easy-to-use, Windows based software package that allows the entire RTI control system to be programmed from any PC. It provides a wide variety of powerful tools to make the programming process quick and easy.

Combining their range of Hand-held and In-wall remotes with the XP-8, provides integrators with a very competitively priced and user-friendly solution.

www.rticorp.com   :   www.aventure-europe.com

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