Samsung SmartThings Hub v2.0 Now Available in the UK

Since Samsung acquired SmartThings in the USA they’ve put the power of their marketing machine behind the home automation brand. Now with the latest version of the hub they are rolling out to other countries including the UK.

The SmartThings Hub is the heart of your smart home. It connects wirelessly with hundreds of compatible smart devices, allowing you to monitor, control and secure your home from anywhere.

In addition to the SmartThings range of devices, the hub can control kit from other manufacturers including Aeon, Honeywell, LIFX, Philips and Yale.

Alongside our own family of wireless SmartThings sensors, you can also control hundreds of connected devices from other brands through the SmartThings Hub and app – all easily viewable through our app’s ever-expanding list of compatible products.

This latest version of the hub is designed to get the best from its Cloud Service while now keeping many logic decisions local where it makes more sense for lower latency.

There are apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The SmartThing hub is available now for £99 and Samsung are selling a £199 starter kit that packages the hub with several sensors and a power outlet. Check out the video and the link below.

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2 Comments on "Samsung SmartThings Hub v2.0 Now Available in the UK"

  1. Nice Product at affordable prices it seems.
    Video doesn’t include any security options.

  2. possibly.. bought it.. and not a single sensor works out of the box.. they wont pair (raised a support request) and the app on the phone and hub talk to a server rather than each other when on same wifi.. huge latency

    I’m not feeling it yet

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