Sensible Heat Showcases Hometronic Automation System

Submission by SensibleHeat – “Exhibiting for the first time at the recent CEDIA Expo, Sensible Heat demonstrated the unique Hometronic Wireless Automation system, which offers comprehensive control of heating, ventilation, cooling, blinds and awnings, shutters, and lighting – all without wires!

As well as the established Hometronic products, Sensible Heat unveiled, for the first time anywhere, their new Data Server; this exciting new product gives users the ability to control and monitor their house from a local computer or their TV (using Windows Media Center), or from the web, or from another control system. Sensible Heat are also pleased to announce the opening of a Scottish Sales Office, which will enhance the sales and technical support on offer in Scotland.

About Hometronic – The Hometronic system is manufactured by Honeywell; originally developed for the German market, and now available in the UK from Sensible Heat, this proven system uses robust patented wireless technology in some unique ways. The Radiator Controller, for instance, allows a radiator-based heating system to be split into multiple zones – each room becomes a zone – without any wiring, and without any plumbing changes. All forms of heating can be controlled, along with cooling systems (both aircon and the “greener” natural ventilation methods). Blinds and curtains can be controlled, along with sun awnings; operation can be linked to wind, light and temperature sensors, giving automatic control over solar heating and lighting of the property-another “green” feature. Roller shutters, a familiar sight in continental Europe and increasingly popular in the UK, can also be automated. The modular system may also be used to control lighting, which may be switched or dimmed automatically.

Using wireless technology allows the system to be applied at much lower installed cost, and it can be used where wired systems cannot; for instance, in a refurbishment, or after completion in a new-build project.

Users find Hometronic to be very easy to use; the wall-mounted Hometronic Manager allows the whole house to be set up from a central location. Local temperature adjustments can be made from wall-mounting wireless sensors, and any part of the system can be adjusted using the wireless remote control. The Voice Interface allows remote control of the house from any telephone, and when used in conjunction with the Input Module, can report alarm conditions to the houseowner via the telephone. The Input Module can also be used to interface to other control systems (for instance, touchscreen systems from AMX and Crestron) providing a simple, cost effective way of controlling HVAC from a touchscreen system.

Data Server – a new product – Sensible Heat are delighted to announce their new Data Server, shown in prototype form at the CEDIA Expo. The Data Server can be used on any Hometronic system, and provides an IP-addressable connection, which may be “browsed” by a PC or PDA running a standard browser, or viewed through Windows Media Center using the “plug-in” supplied. It also provides RS232 connections which allow other control systems to interface to Hometronic using a simple text-based protocol, thus giving a second interfacing solution for Custom Installers using Crestron or AMX on the more demanding projects.

Sensible Heat opens Scottish Office – Sensible Heat have enhanced their coverage of the UK by opening a sales and support office in Scotland, managed by Neil Ball. Already well known in the Custom Installation world north of the border, Neil has over 15 years of experience in building automation. Sensible Heat’s Managing Director Dave Robinson said ” I am delighted to welcome Neil to the team; we’ve worked together before, and I know his reputation for delivering appropriate solutions with excellent after-sales support will enable us to roll out our products and services in Scotland with confidence”.

For further information, please contact:
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