SensorProbe for Rackmount Cabinet / Enclosures

Submission by Nash

AKCP’s sensorProbe is a well established and very popular, among the environmental monitoring products. And our customers are already using it for monitoring Computer Room, Server Room, Data Center, Telecom Industry, Rackmount Enclosure/Cabinet Monitoring and other application areas… SensorProbe is a compact , low cost, SNMP enabled and web based monitoring device. It can be configured to monitor temperature, humidity, water leakage ,airflow, voltage and dry contacts etc.

The sensorProbe monitors your rackmount environment . And any change within the enclosure , environment and power fluctuations could prove critical in valuable IT resources.

The intelligent sensors connected to this sensorProbe would detect variations in enclosure / cabinets and would alert you through “Email , SMS or SNMP” in advance and prevent any disaster.

The user-friendly web interface allows you to monitor and control the sensorProbe from anywhere remotely. It also provides you the graphical representation of environmental conditions.

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