Submission by Anon.

“SentryPad is an innovative solution to small business and home security and monitoring. The solution gives you live images over the Internet and on Internet ready mobile phones. Motion detection software will alert you via email and sms text message so you can view the live images or archived event log to confirm an intrusion to your property… The system requires a broadband internet connection and connects up to sixteen inputs from CCTV cameras. The control software provided has many capabilities including motion detection on all cameras and Digital Video Recording of live images from all feeds and remote access to live and recorded images over the internet or mobile phone networks.

With motion detection software every camera becomes a sensor able to detect motion and report to either mobile phones via SMS text message or audio alerts for control stations monitoring the system. Plus links to intruder and fire alarms the combined system provides a sophisticated security environment which is capable of being remotely monitored 24/7/365. Further enhancement of the system is possible to include remote control of barriers, gates, security lights and sirens etc. plus many other bespoke requirements of our clients.”

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