Sharing USB 3G Mobile Broadband with a WiFi Router

Three Huawei D100 Wireless Router

We’ve covered mobile broadband before on Automated Home.  Its ideal for people with no cable or ADSL access or those on the move.

But how do you share it?  Three’s mobile broadband arm now offer the Huawei D100 Wireless Router as an optional extra.  Just plugin your USB modem and share your 3G broadband around your work, home or even providing passengers in a car or a bus with Wifi internet access.  Check out the unboxing video below.

“If you want wireless broadband that you can share but you don’t want the cost or hassle of a landline, you need a wireless router and a Huawei Mobile Broadband USB Dongle from 3.

Just plug your 3 Mobile Broadband dongle* into the router and you’ve got access to the internet that you can share with wi-fi enabled devices such as a PC, Mac or laptop. You can even connect more than one computer at a time, using just one dongle.”

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7 Comments on "Sharing USB 3G Mobile Broadband with a WiFi Router"

  1. Looks just the job (assuming OK with our Mac’s) … would enable us to free-up a laptop, too (free-up in the sense that 3G reception inside the house is good in only some places, and whoever is hosting the USB stick has to fit with that) …

    now all we need is a way of putting the stick outside the window & this device inside (ie: our windows are metalised, and signal strength & so download speed suffers due to consequent S/N issues) … wonder if a short USB cable would be OK to achieve that ??

  2. Geoff H over on UK_Selfbuild suggested this as an alternative :

    which looks good – like the three modes (router, AP, client), too … downside seems to be it’s 802.11g, so it would slow some (802.11n) networks down rather a lot …

    not sure what standard of Wi-Fi the Huawei D100 (above) provides – or what modes it might have – need to see the spec’, but not been able to find that, yet !

  3. CJ,

    The user manual is at the bottom of the Solwise page – all 225 pages & 10MB of it!

    It looks pretty good, and avoids the god-awful wall-wart power supply 🙂



  4. Thanks Tim – I found that (& stopped the download) … it was the one for the Huawei D100 I hadn’t found !

  5. OK, at :

    it says the D100 will do Wi-Fi at up to 54Mbps, so it must be 802.11g

    the user guide shows it can connect to one PC via Ethernet, too (in addition, it says, to multiple connections via Wi-Fi)

    still no info’ on modes etc, though …

    so, on the face of it, the Solwise looks more comprehensive & versatile

  6. Back in mid-January, they hadn’t had the wee routers in stock since before Christmas. In the end, the 3G coverage was very unstable at our house, and I returned the 3G stick.

    No reply from their media team when I asked about availability.

  7. can it be used with tmobile mobile broadband

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