Shell Announce – HomeGenie

Shell Oil Company has announced plans to launch Shell HomeGenie, an integrated home management solution, in early 2004.  Shell HomeGenie is a home management system that provides consumers with simple, Web-based remote access of household systems and devices through a home-computer broadband connection to the Internet.

“Shell is committed to constant innovation to meet changing customer needs,” said Lynn Elsenhans, President of Shell Oil Company. “Leveraging our strong brand and our technology, we continue to develop exciting new businesses and products to make life easier and more convenient.”

Shell HomeGenie allows homeowners to remotely access most household heating and cooling systems through the web-enabled Shell HomeGenie Programmable Thermostat, enables control of lights and select appliances through the Shell HomeGenie Power Switch, and permits monitoring of select areas in their homes through the Shell HomeGenie Wireless Camera that incorporates a motion sensor. Users can control these devices remotely through most personal computers or cellular phones with Internet access…. “Although home automation products have been in the market for some time, we believe that none of them offer the integration and the features that Shell HomeGenie does, at an affordable price,” said Robin Gaeta, General Manager for Shell HomeGenie. “By letting the homeowner stay connected to his home, at anytime and from anywhere Internet access is available, this product offers peace-of-mind, and truly fulfills the promise of convenient home management.”

Shell partnered with leading hardware manufacturers to develop the Shell omeGene system, including Motorola broadband, the global leader in eveloping broadband-enabled products for the home; Sun Microsystems, Inc., a leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software and services; and Xanboo, a leading provider of Internet-enabled devices and technology.

Shell HomeGenie is initially expected to be available for purchase in early 2004 in limited areas through retailers, as well as directly on the Shell HomeGenie website, with plans for expanded distribution in other regions and nationwide later that year. The Shell HomeGenie website will also be released in early 2004, shortly before the product launch.

To kick off the launch of Shell HomeGenie, the system will be exhibited at several trade shows, including the Electronic House Expo, Fall 2003 from November 11 – 13 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, Calif. The


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