‘Shortcut’ App Brings Smartphone Voice Control to your Smart Home

‘Shortcut’ is a new smart home app just launched this month that allows you to control a variety of home automation systems with your voice.

The system understands natural language so phrases like “turn on the light” or “set the temperature to 72 degrees” can be used.  All this should help to alleviate the current messy control scenario where multiple systems require you to constantly switch between multiple apps.

In addition to voice commands you can use the app’s touchscreen interface if you  prefer. Shortcut will also learn how you control your home too, in order to offer you the right shortcut at the right time…

You can also use the smart touch interface. Shortcut intelligently learns what you want to do and when you need it. After a few days, it will start bringing you the right shortcut at just the right time. The more you use Shortcut, the smarter it will be.

At launch Shortcut already integrates with Nest, Belkin WeMo, Philips Hue, Dropcam, SmartThings, Foursquare and Dwolla. The company says they are working to build support for many other systems, employing existing API’s where available and negotiating links where they’re not.

Shortcut intends to become a universal “action” voice command center for the wide universe of devices and apps pre-embedded with Shortcut, or connected with Shortcut through its API/SDK. For app developers and hardware manufacturers, Shortcut presents clear value in improving the user experience and providing universal next-generation voice control features, thus rendering arduous in-house development of purpose-built voice-command systems unnecessary.

Shortcut Smart Home App Diagram

The Shortcut app is available now in the Google Play Store for Android devices, and for Google Glass.  An iOS version for iPhone should be available in around a months time.


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3 Comments on "‘Shortcut’ App Brings Smartphone Voice Control to your Smart Home"

  1. Looks interesting but no mention of homeseer being supported so I messaged them and Justin Lucas,Director of Partnerships/Co-Founder replied to say that they are working on a homeseer interface. No timescales though!

  2. Oh my! as it happens, i am involved in Domotic project. Iphone, smarphones, what ever how you call it, it will never ever be a substitute to full domotic systems as controll interface. Phones are devices, a tool only just a small part of domotic monitoring, controling systems.

    What if you just broke your phone or lost it, or just there is no battery. Worse, it has been stolen. you would lose visibility on what’s going on in and around your house. You won’t be able to control anything for a while. Not to mention the domotic software setting process to be set again if necessary.

    And technically speaking, does phones can translate Natural language into semantic language? can they use and display protocols like Z-wave?

    Anyway, this blog is quite good and keep us informed on home automation stuff. There no balme here, just a call to all that will read this article.

  3. There are two main ways to bring  Apple HomeKit to your Loxone and KNX smart home:
    – via Apple Shortcuts
    – full Apple HomeKit Integration

    What separates them?

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