SHS2008 Video 2 – Brilliant Living

In the second of our video interviews from this years Smart Home Show we talk to Iain Shaw, founder of the UK based integrators – Brilliant Living.

Iain talks us through a live example of a recent custom installation carried out on a holiday home on the east coast of England.  Using the beautiful AMX panel (around £3,000 worth) we see how the skill of an integrator can combine audio, video, lighting, heating, security and weather cameras into a single, easily managed interface…

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Thanks to anttek for their help in the making of this video.

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1 Comment on "SHS2008 Video 2 – Brilliant Living"

  1. James Smith | October 9, 2008 at 2:08 am |

    This was a good video, they’re all good really, but this system looked prime time. I say that because I don’t see stuff like this anywhere except for when I dream at night. The problem is all of the technology underpinning it and although they might gloss over it I have learned that the standards are not yet in place to make companies like these obsolete.

    It sounds abhorrent, that’s not the idea, but to mak my home work I would like to hot swap devices and not have to pay hundreds to fit everything. Plus my MacBook screen should be the screen I need, or maybe the one that comes with the fridge (LG).

    One thing I thought of was that as the weather system will relay the real conditions, more accurately than a weather station 5miles away of so, a huge network of these systems could then charge for this information to be given to a network company to build a more accurate picture – much like electricity being sent back to the grid from homes that produce their own.

    So not only using heat from a system that generates it, but selling the data and extra electricity back to national suppliers. A real two way process.

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