Sky+ SDI Output Europe Limited, specialists in improving audio and visual performance have just announced the immediate availability of a range of specially upgraded Sky Plus satellite receivers, capable of outputting pure digital video.

For those unfamiliar with SDI, it is a digital video standard which allows the picture information to be input to your scaler or PC capture solution completely digitally, in other words the usual conversions from the MPEG decoder within Sky, to either composite/S-Video/RGB , which would then be converted back in to a digital video signal within your scaler or PC are all completely bypassed. The results are simply the most accurate, revealing and noise-free picture achievable on the Sky platform at any cost..

Connections – The standard analogue video outputs are all present and fully functioning (Dual Scarts and S-Video), the additions are a single broadcast specification ‘Canare’ BNC connectors to allow the Sky box to drive an SDI video processors. To utilise an SDI signal, you need either a PC based SDI capture card (e.g. the SweetSpot SDI), or an SDI enabled video processor (e.g. the Crystalio VPS2300), both of which are detailed in the related items section below.

These then take the SDI signal and output it in the format required by your display device (as SDI is a broadcast standard the cabling is designed to run without any loss over extended distances)

What’s included – The units are brand new complete with all manufacturers packaging, remote control, accessories and documentation. They are also fully guaranteed for 12 months.

The units have no subscription or contract with them, you will need to either transfer your existing Sky viewing package to the unit or take out a new subscription by contacting Sky Customer Services.

If you want to enjoy the best Sky viewing available – then this is the way to do it!


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