Slim Device Launch 2 Line Display

“Slim Devices is pleased to announce a major update to Squeezebox. We’ve replaced our venerable 2-line text display with a beautiful new graphic display. Shipping TODAY are three new products:

  • Graphic Squeezebox (wireless) $279
  • Graphic Squeezebox (wired) $199
  • Graphic Display Upgrade Kit $69 (after rebate), free US shipping

The new Squeezebox display has 280 x 16 pixels, providing a stunning interface appearance as well as advanced animation capabilities. Our web site has just been updated with photos of the new interface…

A hardware upgrade kit is also available, which converts an original 2-line text Squeezebox into the new graphic Squeezebox. The upgrade kit includes free shipping in the USA, with a $20 rebate if you choose to return your original character display. Reseller pricing and availability will be announced shortly. More information about the upgrade kit is available here”


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