Slink-e Replacement: StreetFire RBX1600

Nirvis, the makers of the now discontinued Slink-e controller, are promoting the streetFire RBX1600 as the successor to the Slink-e. The new controller has optical digital audio routing as well as managing multiple (up to 4) Sony CDX CD changers using the control S-Link / A1II protocol. It also has USB, Ethernet, Serial and 2 Aux ports.

StreetFire Sound Labs’ inaugural product, the RBX1600, gives serious music lovers a superior way to manage up to 1600 music CDs stored in Sony MegaStorage CD changers. The RBX1600 provides an integrated view of your CD library and the ability to control your collection with completely customizable playback capabilities from any computer on your home network… Easy to use media management software offers comprehensive CD management capability from your Win/Mac/Linux box anywhere on your home network. Browse, search and play tracks by artist, song title, album or genre – you can even create custom playlists and launch them with your Sony remote.

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