SmartThings UK – Supported Hardware Plus the Hacks to Add More

“Log door openings to a spreadsheet”. And you thought you were a geek.

Samsungs SmartThings system has been available in the UK for several months now and the current list of compatible hardware for the UK hub isn’t bad at all, and a big part of its success.

But the eco-system is already growing fast and users want to add even more sensors and modules. For starters check out some of these SmartThings IFTTT Recipes.

HAM Bridge, is a little Mac app that allows you to run AppleScript, Automator workflows, shell and python scripts on your Mac by sending it a simple HTTP GET request. You can use this for example to control IR devices with the Global Cache hardware.

There are several hacks to get LightwaveRF working with SmartThings too. one of them in this video..

Lastly there’s an unofficial additional items list on this Wiki that’s also useful.

So what have you had success with adding to the UK SmartThings Hub? Let us know in the comments below.

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