Solar Powered Occupancy Sensor Launch

Self-powered Occupancy Sensor

Home & building automation supplier Ivory Egg is to launch Sensolux, the world’s first self-powered occupancy sensor, at ECO Build – the UK’s leading green building event.

“The innovative EnOcean based wireless device combines a 360o PIR detector and light level sensor for automated lighting control.  The solar powered sensor will run in the dark for 48Hrs when fully charged and it monitors & reports its own energy level. It’s charged from as little as 50Lux for 3hrs of ambient light a day.  The device can work with a standalone lighting control actuator or can be integrated into a LON and KNX/EIB network.

Other new EnOcean products include a multi-function programmable timer and wall socket appliance modules for dimming and switching. The range of EnOcean based building & home automation products continue to grow apace. Later this year sees MK, the UK‘s leading electrical switch manufacturer, releasing a range of GB market specific products. Other innovative products include a self-powered wireless key card for hotel rooms.  The unit is very easy to install, no batteries or wires and it provides a simple yet effective means of energy conservation.”

For more details click or contact Ivory Egg on 0845 833 9851

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