Sony Launches TV with Web-pad Remote

Sony’s latest plasma TV can become part of an intelligent home network – Sony has unveiled a plasma TV with built-in broadband networking that is linked to a Web pad-like remote control by wireless LAN technology. The KDE-P50HZ1 and KDE-P42HZ1 plasma TVs are 50 and 42 inches in screen size and will go on sale in Japan later this year, for around 12,000 US Dollars (£7,452) and 10,000 US Dollars respectively.

The plasma display’s networking features allow it to be used for Web browsing, or as part of an intelligent home network, according to a statement from Sony. The remote control unit can operate independently as a Web pad, or with the main display as a secondary TV screen. It has a small 15 cm by 9 cm display with an 800 by 480 pixel resolution; about the same image size and quality as large palmtop computer.

It connects with the main unit with 802.11a networking, which is a high-speed wireless LAN standard more commonly used in computer networks. This standard has a theoretical speed of 54Mbps, compared with the 11Mbps of standard 802.11b Wi-Fi-based networks. The need to stream video from the main unit to the handheld requires the higher speed…

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