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Phone Spam Filter

You arrive back at your automated pad after a hard day at work. You fire up the home cinema and start to unwind to a great movie.  Then the phone ring and you answer to find someone wanting to sell you double glazing!  Annoying isn’t it.  Well help is at hand from PhoneSpamFilter.co.uk

Building a database of unsolicited caller’s numbers, the site already has the largest user-generated list of telemarketers out there with over 10,000 numbers currently in the catalog.

Anyone can add to the database, once you’ve been phone-spammed it’s a fast and easy process to add the number to the system.  You can also leave comments on the caller and feel good knowing you’ve added to the knowledge.

Of particular interest to Smart Home owners is the ability to automate the checking process.  With a specially formatted URL you can instantly query the PhoneSpamFilter database and obtain a score for a particular number.  As with email spam filters, the higher the score returned, the more likely the number is bad.  PhoneSpamFilter recommend rejecting any number with a score of 50 or above.  With such an open “API” integrating number checking into many home automation systems should only require a small script.

PhoneSpamFilter are already working on simple scripts for automating this process with various well known PBX phone switches and it already publishes files that allow it to integrate with the popular “Asterisk” open source VOIP PBX.

So, if you’d like to use the database, or contribute that number that disturbed your movie viewing last night then head on over to PhoneSpamFilter.co.uk


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  1. Don’t forget you can sign up to the telephone preference service…..which should stop cold calls.

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