Storage Robot for your Home

As our appetite for data storage in our automated homes continues to grow, here’s a device that looks interesting. Billed as the worlds first “storage robot”, this PC or Mac compatible USB hard drive array handles all the configuration tasks automatically. Just pop in a new drive and it does the rest. Available now at around $700 bare.

“Drobo is the world’s first storage robot, providing fully automated, infinitely expandable storage that safeguards against drive failure and data corruption. Fully automatic protection: Drobo is self-healing; when a hard drive fails, it reconfigures data to ensure it is once again protected – all without any human intervention. Infinitely expandable capacity: Drobo is self-improving; just add a new drive, or upsize a smaller one, and you’ll instantly increaseoverall protected capacity without needing to do anything else. Effortless storage management: Drobo is self-aware, knowing where your data is and how to heal or improve itself in the event of trouble – Drobo takes the pain out of managing large amounts of data. System requirements: Apple Macintosh OS-X 10.4 or greater, Microsoft Windows 2000, 2003, XP or Vista.”

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