SweetSpot Video Processor

SweetSpot Video Processor delivers dramatic picture quality improvements for plasma screen and projector users

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM – OCTOBER 14TH 2003 -pluggedin.tv announced today the launch of a high quality yet affordable solution for Home Cinema PC (HCPC) based video processing.

“The capabilities of HCPCs are evolving rapidly – with so much spare processing power available modern PCs are already being used for DVD playback, and now with the addition of SweetSpot, PCs can be used to enhance the quality of big-screen TV viewing and console gaming as well” commented Alex Simon of pluggedin.tv

The SweetSpot card can be installed in to any modern Windows PC, and allows the connection of any existing video sources, games consoles, VCRs, satellite decoders, DVD players etc. Utilising state of the art video processing software, the picture is then optimised to match perfectly the characteristics of the screen being used to view the picture. The results are amazing. Crisper, sharper images, more vivid colours and reduced judder (the term used for the jumps in the picture when the picture pans horizontally).

“The bigger the screen you are using the bigger the improvement”, added Simon ” owners of plasma screens and also projectors are really only using a fraction of the capability of their display if they are just connecting their devices directly” he continued.

While there are other PC solutions available on the market, they tend to be either low cost low quality ‘TV Tuner cards’, or ultra expensive high end solutions 3 or 4 times the cost of SweetSpot.

“We see that there is a growing market for the demanding user that has invested in a high quality display, and wants to get the best picture at an affordable price. The low end TV cards don’t have high quality RGB or component video inputs, so the picture quality is compromised before if it gets in to the PC, reducing the effectiveness of any image processing system, while the high end cards cost as much as a PC themselves!.” commented Simon. “SweetSpot changes all of that – multiple, ultra high quality inputs at an affordable price!”.

Availability – SweetSpot will be available to buy online from November 2003, priced at just £199.00 in the UK and Euro299 in Europe.

For further information and to register for exclusive launch offers then visit PLUGGED IN TV

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