SwiidInter Cord Switch Converts Any Lamp to Z-Wave

The makers of the new ‘SwiidInter’ claim it’s the first remote controlled cord switch which can be used manually like any classic switch and also be activated remotely via your Z-Wave home automation network.

We got our hands on a pre-production sample of the Swiid Cord Switch – see our quick Vine video below – and it’s a stylish, neat little unit with it’s own button and blue LED.

There are a couple of advantages of this in-line type of Z-Wave module.  Firstly local control is retained, and in a manner that’s obvious and intuitive to users and visitors to your home. The module also benefits from the ability to tie an event to a long press of the button – you could for example kick off the macro that puts your home into night mode with your bedside lamp cord switch.

The Swiid unit also means you no longer require a plug-in Z-Wave wall module, which can sometimes be fairly unsightly. Swiid told us…

Our first product SwiidInter is a Z-Wave inline cord switch, which has no real equivalent on the market today. We developed and designed this product in house. SwiidInter is particularly useful to automate lighting in a bedroom where bedside lamps usually have a cord switch. This means being able to turn on or off the bedside lamp equipped with our cord switch EITHER remotely OR – as in the past – manually from the cord switch.

As our SwiidInter supports Z-Wave associations, it can – on a long press – act “like a remote control” by triggering a home automation scenario : this could be as simple as turning on or off the lamp at the other end of the bedroom without having to get out of bed … Also, associations (first group only) can be set up directly from the SwiidInter without involving the primary controller (obviously only within the same Z-Wave network).

Swiid will launch more smart home products over the coming months too (SwiidPlug and SwiidPack) so keep an eye on their website.  The Swiid cord switch will be available this Autumn in black and white (gold and brown possibly coming in the future) with a recommended retail price of around £50.

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www.swiid.com  :  More Z-Wave Smart Home Gear

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6 Comments on "SwiidInter Cord Switch Converts Any Lamp to Z-Wave"

  1. I’ve been waiting for something like this to come along. Most of my lighting is lamps and I only intend to add more!

    However at £50 they’re steep. They’ll sell a lot more units if they were more reasonably priced at £20-£25. I’d buy a bulk of them at that price…

    I’ve been thinking of getting a zwave dev kit, has anyone done that yet?


  2. I agree with Christian on cost but guess that’s the risk of bleeding edge.

    Is text to speech common in product vids? Jars a bit.

    Definitely an interesting product though.

  3. JimboJangles | August 7, 2014 at 1:29 am |

    My lord, text to speech… Just give me the script and I’ll read it for you. I’m sure to be able to do a better job than that.

  4. I would buy a few of these at £20 but £50,that price is ridiculous.

  5. John Lockwood | February 20, 2017 at 4:33 pm |

    The DeltaDore Tyxia 6610 did look interesting however upon upon contacting them it seems it uses their own proprietary wireless system and is definitely not a Z-Wave compatible product even though it is using the same radio frequency. As far I can see this still leaves the Swiid as the only Z-Wave cord-switch.

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