tado° Launches HomeKit-Compatible Smart AC Control V3+

Tado Smart AC Control

German smart home heating firm, tado° have unveiled the latest V3+ edition of their Smart AC Control.

With HomeKit-compatible hardware and a new app, the Smart AC Control connects air conditioners and heat pumps to Wi-Fi, replacing your infrared remote control.

This allows Apple HomeKit users to integrate their aircon using the unit and allows you to ask Siri to change temperatures as well as add air conditioning into your HomeKit Scenes and Automations.

As with the company’s V3+ Smart Thermostats, the new Smart AC Control also works with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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The Air Comfort Skill complements a range of features like Geofencing, Open Window Detection, Weather Adaptation, and insightful energy reports that save energy and improve comfort. Users can also make use of the Smart Schedule and settings to minimise AC noise levels and disruption by managing the fan speed and the time when it’s running.

Those who wish to have full automation to manage their climate at home can subscribe to the Auto-Assist Skill for £2.99 per month or £24.99 a year. The Skill automatically adjusts your AC or heat pump when triggered by Geofencing or Open Window Detection, rather than sending you a notification.

The tado Smart AC Control V3+ is available now for £89.99

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www.tado.com . :  Available from Amazon

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