TapTile Waterproof, Bathroom Safe Touch Technology


Taptile is a new touch based wireless lighting system for bathrooms, kitchens and wet rooms. Its makers say it’s 100% waterproof and safe to use throughout wet environments (it can even be used in a shower).

Taptile allows control of up to 3 lighting circuits on several programmable preset ‘buttons’. You touch an area of your tiles beside your bath, for example, to initiate a relaxing mood lighting scene.  Prices start around £65, watch the video after the jump.

“Taptile, a British technology company focussing on touch control technology for the home, will be showcasing its unique bathroom mood light and dimming system for the first time in London this week.  The product overcomes traditional limitations within wet areas of the home which are forced to have light switches and dimmers outside of the room or controlled with an ugly limited pull cord.

The Taptile touch sensor is fixed to the rear of a tile or drywall, the sensor projects an array of 6 waterproof and highly sensitive buttons through a thickness of up-to 18mm. The front of the tile or drywall is then decorated with either the supplied self adhesive artwork, tile grouting via a stencil or by adding features such as mosaics, shells, buttons to the surface creating a seamless, attractive match to the room décor.

The units combine safe extra low voltage (SELV), 100% sealed to industrial standards and wireless connection to the existing lighting circuits, meeting all building and safety regulations for both renovations and new build.  Sold both as separates and systems, the Elegance Mood Light Pack contains everything you need to transform your existing or new bathroom lighting scheme. It contains a dimmable adaptor that works with or replaces the pull cord or external switch.

It contains a second dimmer adaptor that controls the mirror or vanity light and finally an extractor fan adaptor to reduce fan noise or improve ventilation. Each controller has six buttons which provide 3 programmable mood light settings and individual control and dimming of the three active circuits.


Any installation can be enhanced with the addition of extension modules to operate more circuits or load and the room can be fitted with any number of touch panels to further enhance control.”

www.taptilecontrols.com   :   Bathroom TVs

4 Comments on "TapTile Waterproof, Bathroom Safe Touch Technology"

  1. Nicholas Rubin | November 12, 2020 at 10:26 am |

    Hello, I am interested in Taptile or an equivalent for our bathroom but am struggling to find options to buy – please can someone help point me in the right direction. Thanks.

  2. @Nicholas – Taptile is no longer available far as we know Nicholas. This “Touch Surface” unit is similar but only useful with a Loxone system…


  3. Nicholas Rubin | November 12, 2020 at 11:54 am |


  4. Hi guys, I’m planning to design and launch a similar product. This will also be a touch switch seamlessly integrated behind the tiles or drywalls except that it will be able to control only one light at a time, as a classic switch will do.

    Do you guys would be still interested in such a product ? And by the way, do you know why such great looking product is not available anymore (not enough demand, poorly designed, …) ?

    Thanks in advance !! 🙂

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