ThinkRemote Brings SideShow to Mobiles, Games Consoles and Other Devices

Think Remote

ControlThink have introduced  the ThinkRemote Community Edition which bring Vista SideShow gadgets to your iPhone and iPod Touch, Windows Mobile phones, PSP, PS3, DS, Wii, web browser and others  Sign up for an invitation to the beta.

“ThinkRemote sets Windows SideShow content free, bringing SideShow gadgets to everyday electronic devices such as mobile phones, portable game consoles, and remote controls. With support for wired, wireless, and Internet-based connectivity, ThinkRemote keeps you connected to your PC and your content anytime, anywhere.

So change the music on your PC, view your vacation photos, or navigate a PowerPoint presentation using your phone. Or a PlayStation Portable (PSP). Or a Nintendo Wii. Or your web browser at work. With expanding device support and compatibility with standard 3rd-party SideShow gadgets, the possibilities are unlimited.

Use ThinkRemote with devices you already own
Take advantage of the full capability of your Windows Mobile phone or Apple iPhone. Take a break from games and browse your PC’s music library on your Nintendo DS or Playstation Portable. Or go for the big screen, and use your Nintendo Wii or Playstation 3’s web browser.

Whether you’re at home or at the office, ThinkRemote lets you access your SideShow content and interact with your PC from anywhere. With built-in support for ThinkConnect, ThinkRemote even takes away the headaches of firewalls and related technical problems.

Works with standard SideShow gadgets
Photo viewers. PowerPoint navigators. Stock, weather, and news feeds. E-mail, calendar appointments, and Media Player control. Compatible with standard SideShow gadgets (including 3rd-party gadgets), ThinkRemote gives you what you want where you want it.

ThinkRemote works in coordination with the standard Windows SideShow control panel applet. Mix and match with non-ThinkRemote devices without worry.

Integrate with your Z-Wave® smart home (Standard Edition)
Look for ThinkRemote support in your Z-Wave remote control. Then dim the lights, adjust the thermostat, or just enjoy whole-home range and navigate SideShow content on the remote’s display. ThinkRemote Standard Edition even has built-in control of Windows Media Center™.”   :   [Via]

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